The Grow Jar Kit 'How-to'

Your easy home hydroponic grow kit  



Plant root pot

Grow medium, for supporting the growing plant in the root pot

Wick, for helping the flow of water and nutrients to the plant

Glass jar for the water 


Plantfood nutrient for water

Coco Disk for sewing the seed

Remember, most plants are seasonal. Consider the time of year and your location before growing your plants in the grow jar kits. The optimum temperatures will be between 65°-70°F and with a good 6 hours of direct sunlight. Try to avoid windows in colder seasons, especially in the evenings/nights as cold air is transmitted through windows at these times.


How to Start Growing


  1. Pour water into jar. The water shouldn’t touch the root pot. Screw on jar ring.
  2. Take root pot and pull the wick loop up so that it’s 1-2cm below the top of the pot.
  3. Pour the grow medium in root pot making sure to wrap through and around the wick. Fill to 1-2cm below the top of the root pot. Keep excess grow medium for another time. Run warm water over grow medium for 30 seconds.
  4. Place the coco disc on top of grow medium and sprinkle with water until disc is fully expanded. Gently spread the coco on top of grow medium.
  5. Insert root pot in the jar, basically sit it through the lid ring.
  6. Sew the seeds and push them just below surface of coco substance.
  7. Place on a warm and sunny windowsill. Make sure to keep the coco surface moist.
  8. Once sprouts develop, empty the water from jar. Dissolve ⅛ tsp plant food in 2 cups water. Pour ½ cup directly through root pot being careful around young sprouts. Remove root pot and proceed to pour the remaining solution directly into the jar.



As the plant grows, you can pour water and plant food mixture directly through root pot once the water in the jar gets low.


For long term growth

Seeds take 1-3 weeks to sprout, depending on plant type. Continuously harvesting herbs and deadheading flowers will encourage bushy plants and greater yields. For long term growth results, continue to use a water soluble plant food and make sure to follow the instructions indicated on the packaging.

Some seeds fail to germinate and this is normal. If sprouts do not appear in 3-4 weeks, the seeds could have been planted too deep, the growing medium is too dry or too wet, or the temperatures are too low. In dryer climates, you can consider creating a greenhouse effect by placing a plastic cover over the jar  and create a few holes for ventilation. Remove bag once sprouts appear and are healthy.

The coco disk retains moisture needed for seed germination. If the coco develops mold, it is either too wet, the climate is too humid, or the location is not well ventilated. 

If sprouts appear weak and small/unhealthy, it could be either that there is not enough light or temperatures are not in the optimal range. Try placing the jar in a different location or consider supplementing with a grow light. During the summer seasons, you can choose to place the jar outside but be aware of the rain and the wind. In colder seasons, remove jar from window to prevent cold damage.

If roots start to grow through the root pot and into the water, you should change water and plant food mixture every 2-3 weeks. 

Your Grow Jar is designed to be reused. To replant, gently rinse grow medium and root pot. Top with a coconut disk (or similar product, even soil) then sew seeds. Use a water soluble plant food and follow its instructions. You can also transplant potted plants into the net pot.

Grow Jars are assembled in ITALY from domestic and imported components. 


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