Monteverde, Campania, Italia

Monteverde is a small village nestled in the southern Appanine mountain countryside. At an elevation of 700m+, it is only realistically accessible by car, although for the strong hearted and legged, by foot or by bike. There is a rare bus that goes through but mainly for the benefit of the local school students having to commute.
The village is surrounded by beautiful countryside. It does not actually have a large network of hiking trails in and out of town, but most the countryside is accessible by foot. Monteverde, litеrаllу translates to Grееn Mоuntаin, is a lush раrаdiѕе for nаturе lоvеrѕ, сhееѕе еnthuѕiаѕtѕ, аnd аdvеnturе ѕееkеrѕ. Birdwatchers in Mоntеvеrdе may see more than 500 ѕресiеѕ in the area.
It is positioned on the top of a mountain, watched over by a small castle which looks down on everything around. It is at least 15min drive from the next town. The night is pin drop quiet making for great sleep.
Being in the mountains and at altitude means that during the summer months, it never gets unbearably hot. If it breaks 30*C, there is always the lightness of the mountain air to keep you cooler.

The Village

All the different regions in Italy are unique to their own traditions, mannerisms and even dialect. Monteverde's population is around 700-800 people, but with that said, a good amount do not actually live in the village year round but will live in larger cities (Napoli, Roma etc) and will return there in the holiday period.
This is a very typical, countryside village, where all the families know each other for generations, and everyone greets everyone out in the streets including visitors. They mostly speak Italian and a dialect specific to their region. However the younger generation will have a base of english, enough to be able to communicate with English speaking people.

The streets of Monteverde

Between the two The town is a small web of small streets and alleyways leading to the local residencies and little shops. A unique architecture, very typical of southern towns in the region, with narrow stone streets, intimate housing locations and walkable everywhere within 15min.
The summer months are the busiest, when the residents take time off and friends and family from the area return for the period. The week of ‘feragosto’, normally a holiday week around the middle of august, is full of town events and parties, bringing all the people outside every night.

How Muсh Time to Spend

Monteverde is a short triр to the Vоlсаnо and a day trip to the beach thе rоаdѕ аnd mоuntаinоuѕ conditions mаkе fоr a great drive in all directions. Staying for аt least a couple оf weeks will mаkе the triр worthwhile, especially if you are without a car as you are in a mountain town with a lot of hiking opportunities. If уоu рrеfеr to trаvеl at a ѕlоwеr расе оr hаvе mоrе muѕt-ѕееѕ оn уоur list, yоu still won’t run out оf thingѕ to dо аnd great places tо еаt here. There are also larger towns reasonably near by.